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Power, on command

The streets will never feel the same again. Heads will turn. Jaws will drop. Heartbeats will race. And respect will follow. The Volkswagen Polo has arrived. It’s powerful, it’s dominant, and ready for anything you throw at it. All on your command!

Power to you...

Style meets technology in the Polo, with the inclusion of advanced features designed to make your driving experience an absolute pleasure. They are constantly at work, so that you can worry less about the drive and focus on the road ahead.

Entertainment, a touch away!

Get lost in the joy of the ride, but never on the road with App-Connect and the exhilarating infotainment system. With a colour touchscreen as well as hands-free functionality, your world’s at your fingertips.

Your 'safe' place

Built like a tank, the Volkswagen Polo features a range of safety features that will keep your worries at bay. After all, your safety is our primary concern.

Power under the hood

The Volkswagen Polo comes with two engine options, both designed for a perfect balance between power and efficiency.

TSI Technology

Our TSI engine is a high functioning combination of being energetic and economical – two characteristics that do not generally work together in conventional petrol engines.

An amalgamation of Stratified Direct Fuel Injection( FSI), downsizing and turbocharging help it in delivering power and torque packed high-tech units with low consumption.

The Volkswagen advantage

Buying a Volkswagen has many advantages that help you keep your car in the top condition. So maintaining your Volkswagen isn’t as costly as you think!

The Polo in all its flavours

Want to know all the variants of the Polo and compare them with each other? Read about all the variants of the Polo accompanied by the technical specifications here.


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