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Volkswagen Service

VWNP Service

Volkswagen Aftersales Service is focused on achieving “customer satisfaction with superior Aftersales service” In Nepal, Pooja international has established the state -of-art service center of Volkswagen at Balaju Industrial District, Kathmandu. The service center is awarded an ISO 9001:2008 quality certification by Quality Austria. The service center is committed for world class service with all the necessary tools, parts, accessories, manpower and trainings. The Volkswagen aftersales service in Nepal strictly follows the seven international VW core service processes. These processes include every necessary job in between the first phone call to the final telephone report. All the aftersales service at Pooja International is directly monitored by VW Singapore. All these services, trained human resources, hi tech tools and well stocked parts assure that the Volkswagen remains a Volkswagen. Pooja International Nepal has maintained a stock of Volkswagen parts worth more than 15 million for more than eight models that are being offered in Nepal, as a mandatory requirement of Volkswagen Quality Service. Service Center Location Pooja International Volkswagen Service Centre Balaju Indistrial District, Balaju Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: (977) 14362304 Email: service@poojaintl.com.np