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Get used to luxury

In your first moment with the New Vento, you’ll sense the familiar aura of great engineering and the sharp elegance of experience. The Vento is all that and yet so much more! It has been carefully designed to be sophisticated and luxurious. It exudes a sense of quiet confidence that comes from practicality. Just like you.

Built to outclass...

The Vento is as advanced as you when it comes to technology. It has the best of features, that work seamlessly to make your drives fun and effortless.

Drives as easy as it is on the eyes

The Vento makes driving a pleasure like never before. With advanced technologies like DSG or the handy rear parking camera, once you own the Vento, you’ll never look behind!

As sturdy as your resolve

Along with the proprietary Volkswagen build the Vento also comes with a plethora of technologies to make your drives the safest possible. So nothing can distract you while you drive.

Power under the hood

The Volkswagen Vento comes with two engine options, both designed for a perfect balance between power and efficiency.

The Volkswagen advantage

Buying a Volkswagen has many advantages that help you keep your car in the top condition. So maintaining your Volkswagen isn’t as costly as you think!

The Vento in all its flavours

Want to know all the variants of the Vento and compare them with each other? Read about all the variants of the Vento accompanied by the technical specifications here.


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