, 2017-10-10 18:26:25

Cool, Calm and connected

Tiguan offers you the comfort and convenience accustomed in Volkswagen brand of world class
vehicles. The ergonomics interior with tangibly high quality that you feel at ease and have everything
at your fingertips from the very first moment. The Power seat adjustment with memory feature
seating system makes the Tiguan the perfect Vehicle for all kinds of luxury.


With the 4MOTION system, the Tiguan is even more fun to drive off the beaten track.

Cutting edge.

The Tiguan is equipped with cutting edge technology and features to make your drives fun and adventures grand! This is one drive you’ll always remember…

Your 'safe' place

Built like a tank, the Volkswagen Polo features a range of safety features that will keep your worries at bay. After all, your safety is our primary concern.

The Volkswagen advantage

Buying a Volkswagen has many advantages that help you keep your car in the top condition. So maintaining your Volkswagen isn’t as costly as you think!

The Tiguan in all its flavours.

Want to know more about Tiguan variants and compare them with each other? Get a detailed technical specifications here.


The Tiguan gets you effortlessly to your destination. And thanks to a host of convenience functions, even long journeys are made enjoyable.

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